Sara POTLER LaHayne

Founder and CEO of Move This World
The Power of Emotional Resiliency


Introducing Sara Potler LaHayne, the visionary Founder of Move This World, an organization driven by the belief that our children are the key to shaping a better future. With a background as a Fulbright Scholar, professional dancer, and esteemed social entrepreneur, Sara has dedicated her life to promoting emotional wellbeing for both children and adults to help them thrive in classrooms, offices, families, and beyond. 

Sara’s own journey of personal growth and self-discovery mirrors the challenges faced by many entrepreneurs. As she tirelessly worked to expand the company, managing employees, developing quality programs, and raising funds, Sara realized the toll it was taking on her own emotional health. Recognizing the crucial link between emotional wellbeing and creativity, she embraced The Power of Pause, a transformative method to replenish, recharge, and emerge stronger than ever before. This breakthrough enabled her to navigate change, foster creativity in everyday life, build resilience, and grow alongside Move This World.

Today, Sara has built a leading ed-tech media company that is impacting the lives of students and communities nationwide. Her remarkable achievements have attracted millions in investments, earned prestigious awards, and secured speaking engagements across five continents. Media outlets worldwide have featured her story and work. 

Move This World’s impact is more critical than ever. Our schools are burdened with overwhelming pressure, stress, and fear. Alarming rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, and substance abuse afflict our students, while teacher retention plummets. School shootings and active shooter drills have become all too common. The truth is, our children face threats to their mental and physical safety. 

While there is no single solution, prioritizing the social and emotional wellbeing of our children is paramount. Sara has devoted her life to this mission, and we invite you to explore her thought-provoking blogs, articles, and inspiring speaking engagements on this website. Visit to witness the incredible work Sara and her team are doing.

Above all, we urge you to join us. Our ability to manage emotions and show empathy towards others in difficult times is the foundation of everything. Without healthy relationships, starting with the one we have with ourselves, nothing else matters. Together, let’s create a future where emotional wellbeing is a priority.


Finalist: EdTech Cool Tool Award 2023

Winner: Signal Awards 2022
Finalist: EdTech Leadership Award 2022
Finalist: EdTech Trendsetter Award 2022
Winner of Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: Best of 2021 Award
2021 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Back to School Winner for Primary Education
2021 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Back to School Winner for Secondary Education
Mom's Choice Gold Award in Family-Friendly Media
Common Sense Education Top Picks for Great Social and Emotional Learning Curricula and Programs
2016 Stevie Award Winner: Woman Innovator of The Year
Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval for
The Emotion Motion Podcast
Global Good Fund Fellow
3 Time Beyond Sports Award Finalist


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