Sara POTLER LaHayne

Founder and CEO of Move This World
The Power of Creative Expression

Power of Pause

Unleash your full potential

Reset and Come Back Stronger

When was the last time you had a moment of complete stillness? Those moments are rare gifts in our high-tech, rise and grind culture, with more appointments, deadlines, updates and notifications than ever before. 

The Power of Pause is about bringing the focus back to ourselves, to slow down and recognize that there’s a purpose and function for each inhale and each exhale. We need to make space for them both, and we can’t do one without the other. We need to give ourselves the time and space to reset, restore and come back stronger.

It would not have been possible to build Move This World into what it is today without the Power of Pause. After several years of managing employees, creating and maintaining quality programming, and raising funds, all while taking meetings all over the country, Sara knew something significant had to change. It wasn’t until she fully embodied MTW’s mission of social and emotional wellbeing for herself that the company started to grow in ways she couldn’t have imagined. 

The best version of ourselves is usually well rested. To be our most productive at work, our most social with friends, our most understanding with family, we have to hit pause on the never-ending contest for our time and attention. We have to surrender to ourselves so we can show up when we’re needed most. 

The Power of Pause can be leveraged in ways that are big or small. From an early morning creative writing practice to meaningful conversation starters over dinner to taking five minutes to move or breathe during a busy day, the Power of Pause helps us find clarity in today’s busy and noisy world.

The History of the Power of Pause

Sara began speaking about the Power of Pause in 2016, after realizing that being busy didn’t equate to success and value. She stepped away from being Founder & CEO to take a six-week sabbatical and went totally off the grid. Learn more about her journey with the Power of Pause in the resources below. 


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