“Knowledgeable, Passionate and Just Fun! That sums up Sara’s presentation to the AASA’s Inaugural Social and Emotional Learning Cohort. In a room of school superintendents and district administrators she had everyone up and moving, connecting with one another and themselves. It was a journey that created an opportunity for the cohort to experience how creative expression and movement allows for better understanding of ourselves and the students we serve.”

Bernadine Futrell, Ph.D.
Director, Leadership Network
AASA,The School Superintendents Association

Speaking Topics & Engagement

From leading diverse teams, building an organization, and raising three children, Sara’s perspective is wide ranging. Discover the topics Sara can help your audience explore.


What happens when we stop filling every moment with content and information and intentionally create space for reflection?


The keys to cultivating and sustaining healthy, safe and supportive school communities through social emotional learning.


Face the challenges of developing into a leader and empowering women around us to do the same.


Harness creative expression to better understand yourself and those around you by tapping into kinesthetic empathy and embodiment.

Work Life Integration


Create a foundation for work-life integration while juggling a myriad of responsibilities: Manager, Friend, Caretaker, Sister, Mother and Wife.


Cultivate a work culture that fosters empathy and compassion while still holding team members to high expectations.


LinkedIn Global Manager Summit

LinkedIn Global Manager Summit

Interactive session to equip leaders with tools to strengthen their personal emotional resilience and the emotional resilience of their teams, build a problem solving culture, and implement and sustain an environment for healthy conflict resolution, inspiration and social emotional wellness.

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Global Engagement Summit

Keynote Speaker for the Global Engagement Summit, hosted by Northwestern University.

AASA: The School Superintendent's Association

Interactive session with Superintendents from across the country, focused on leveraging creative expression to explore staff and student wellbeing.

ASU GSV Summit

Presentation with the most innovative leaders across the education industry at ASU GSV 2019.

World Economic Forum

Panel session focused on the need for social emotional learning and creativity to build emotional intelligence, ultimately leading to more empathy.

Beyond Sport Summit

Interactive, movement-based workshop in South Africa at the Beyond Sport Summit and Awards.


CEO and founder of Move This World, Sara LaHayne chats with CJ Arlotta of the Crisis Averted Podcast about why SEL is more important than ever.

Listen Here.

CEO and founder of Move This World, Sara LaHayne, chats with PCDN about building a career integrating the arts and technology for social change.

Listen Here.

CEO and founder of Move This World, Sara LaHayne, chats with the Teacher Better Talk team about creating moments of connection, giving kids opportunities to express themselves, and authentically owning our mistakes so we can learn from them.

Listen Here.

In this podcast, Sara and host Mathew Portell discuss the relationship between social emotional learning and trauma informed practices.

Listen Here.

In this podcast, Sara and host Gerard Dawson discuss the importance of social emotional learning in times of crisis and why teachers need to apply SEL skills and strategies in their own lives.

Listen Here.

Throughout the episode, Sara and host Ryan Tibbens discuss what SEL is, how it works, what students/parents/teachers do in the Move This World program, and how we can make schools better by treating students as complete, dynamic human beings.

Listen Here.

In this podcast, Dr. Maher and Sara LaHayne, Move This World’s Founder & CEO, join Dr. Joseph Wise, CEO of the Education Research & Development Institute to discuss the need for social emotional learning for both students and teachers as an increasing number of individuals continue to experience trauma.

Listen Here.


Each day Move This World works to help students and teachers navigate the complex and rapidly-changing challenges of our world. We can’t think of a time when those challenges are more complicated and fast-moving than they are right now as we navigate the challenges that COVID-19 is creating for every part of our day to day lives. We can’t dismiss or ignore the challenges we are currently facing, but we can take small moments to pause, find stillness, and recharge, so that we can face this uncertain time feeling a little more well.

That’s why we’ve launched Move This World Special Programming. Throughout school closures, we’ll be hosting live Move This World Broadcasts. We’ll take a few minutes to come together, reflect, smile and laugh. We hope you’ll join us.

Interested in having Sara at your next event?

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